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The Original Bootcamp in Oceanside, CA



Beach Bootcamp

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A Cameron Fitness Beach Bootcamp is an ultimate outdoor workout designed to transform your body through a combination of high-energy cardiovascular drills and strength training exercises. It is a rewarding class that will challenge and motivate participants of all fitness levels. The creatively designed format includes core strengthening, cardiovascular drills, plyometrics, and traditional calisthenics. It is a “kick your butt,” full body workout that will get you into shape as well as provide you with the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A Cameron Fitness  Beginner’s Beach Bootcamp  has all of the great aspects of Beach Bootcamp, without impact and and at a much slower pace. Great for the very beginner as well as the seasoned athlete looking to hone in on form and technique.

FREE Community/Stroller Fitness Class  is very similar to our Beach Bootcamp class, however held in the Oceanside amphitheater from start to finish so that you can camp the kids in one place with us.

All levels welcome
Be prepared to sweat, work hard, be accountable, and have fun.  Although this class is designed to push you, keep in mind that each participant will be instructed and challenged according to his or her own fitness level.

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Meet on the North side of the Oceanside Pier next to the entrance of the Lifeguard Station.  

Bring a beach towel, water, gloves and running shoes.